Advantages of 3D Printing for Construction Industry

Advantages of 3D Printing for Construction Industry

3D Printing

3D printing is getting immensely popular across all industries including the construction industry. There are a myriad of benefits 3D printing brings and hence its increasing popularity doesn’t come as a surprise. There is a cut-throat competition in the construction industry and 3D printing can really help businesses get that much needed edge. 3D printing companies in India offer cutting edge 3D printing solutions to help you with that. Here’s a list of benefits of using 3D printing in construction business.

1. Reduced Material Cost

Material cost contributes the most to the overall cost of construction. Significant reduction of material waste is a major advantage as 3D printers use the exact amount of material that’s need for construction and hence builders or contractors do not need to order the material in bulk. It is a way more sustainable and environment friendly way of construction.

2. Fast Production

3D Printing allows fast production and reduced construction time which is an added advantage. Due to automation there is no room for human error. 3D printing machines just require monitoring and hence no additional tooling is required. With construction requirements programmed, they do not need any sort of additional help, support or materials.

3. Cost-effectiveness

3D printing uses ‘Additive manufacturing’, which means reduced material usage and requires just a handful of people to work on the construction site. 3D technologies also help reduce supply costs by a huge margin and with adjustable working hours, there is hardly anything more to ask for.

4. Innovative Designs

3D printing brings innovative designs and it can be leveraged from day one of the project. Beginning with CAD plans of buildings with all parameters and later making a 3D model which can be presented to clients to figure out if that meets their expectations. By virtue of ‘Additive manufacturing’ in place, you can show your clients 3D visualizations to give a realistic idea of how it is going to look like.

5. Easy Set-Up

Not only does Additive manufacturing gives us ample amount of freedom in terms of design, but setting up a 3D printing set-up is also fairly easy. Since, some of the machines do not even need electrical power as they run on green energy which is again environment friendly. Also, structure customization is way easier than any other method. With so much convenience, flexibility and productivity, 3D printing is the next big thing.

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